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About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The third molars are the furthest back in your mouth. Most people know them as “wisdom teeth” because of how late in age they usually start to come in. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are also some of the most common teeth that need to be extracted. Preemptive removal is often preferred to waiting until the wisdom teeth cause problems, because at that point they typically affect multiple teeth.

Because wisdom teeth form at the back of the jaw, they often develop at an angle, leaning into or impacting themselves against the next tooth. This can necessitate wisdom teeth extractions to prevent pain, swelling, or damage to other teeth. Their pressure can also cause other teeth in the mouth to move and shift out of place, creating crowding and misalignment. If you’ve undergone orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign®, this can cause relapse and the need to go through treatment again. We typically begin assessing wisdom tooth development during prepubescent and teen years, as most third molars will finish developing in the mid to late twenties.

When do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

When lack of space keeps wisdom teeth from fully erupting, they are very difficult to clean. As a result, they tend to develop cavities and gum disease at an alarming rate. If it appears that the third molars won’t have enough room to erupt properly, wisdom teeth extractions can protect the health of your overall smile.

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When to Have a Wisdom Tooth Pulled

Oral Surgery in Lady Lake, FL

The Dentist offers comfortable wisdom teeth extractions for impacted teeth right here in our Lady Lake practice. During your initial exam, Dr. Carlos Medina will discuss the positioning of your third molars to determine if they are forming properly or may require possible removal. If we feel that the positioning of your teeth will place adjacent ones in jeopardy, we will likely recommend a wisdom teeth extraction to bypass future dental problems. Sedation is available!

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