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Comfortable Tooth Extractions by an Experienced Dentist

In-House Tooth Extractions

When you need a dental extraction, you can be assured you are in experienced hands at The Dentist. Dr. Carlos Medina has been providing exceptional, patient-focused care for over 15 years. Tooth extractions are just one of the many services we provide in our Lady Lake practice and often part of complex cases involving single or full arch dental implants, emergencies, or chronic toothaches. In fact, if you’re getting dental implants to replace missing teeth, Dr. Medina can sometimes place your new implants at the same appointment as your tooth extraction. This streamlines the tooth replacement process and reduces the number of trips you need to make to our office. Additionally, you’ll only need one appointment and won’t have to be numbed again, making the procedure easier on your personal schedule as well as your comfort!

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Should You Get a Tooth Pulled?

While options like dental implants offer tremendous advantages to your smile, it’s typically best to preserve and restore your natural teeth when possible. During your exam, Dr. Medina will evaluate the integrity, health, and structural support of your tooth to determine if an extraction is in your best interest. If something like a same day crown or gum disease treatment is a better option, we will encourage you to pursue these less-invasive alternatives. However, non-restorable teeth are often best removed in order to avoid spread of infection or disease to neighboring healthy teeth.
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Why Does My Tooth Need to be Extracted?

Your Comfort is Key

As with any dental procedure, Dr. Medina wants to ensure your comfort at all times. Especially during tooth extractions. You’ll find that in most cases having a tooth pulled is a relatively straightforward and quick process. Paired with a local numbing agent, you won’t have to feel anything other than a slight amount of pressure. Sedation is also available!

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