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We Offer Help for Loose or Ill-Fitting Dentures

Loose Dentures? Consider Implant Stabilization!

Traditional dentures are held in place by either pastes or adhesives, or by creating suction against your delicate gum tissues. While they are an effective way to replace a full arch of missing teeth and restore some aesthetics and function, they can accelerate bone loss in the jaw leading to loose dentures or ones that don’t fit properly any longer. As an alternative to replacing removable dentures we often recommend stabilizing your prosthesis so that it sets securely in place all day long. Implant supported dentures are an effective and practical solution for loose dentures, using as few as 2-4 implants total. No adhesives or messy denture pastes are necessary.

What to do if Your Denture Doesn’t Fit

Loose dentures tend to develop over time as our mouth changes. Tooth loss allows the bone in our jaws to slowly shrink away. The soft gums over them will change as well. Gradually, the acrylic “plate” made to set against your gingiva no longer fits, causing it to slip or rock when you’re talking and eating. You have options when it comes to correcting loose dentures:

Improve Your Confidence and Quality of Life

When you wear dentures, you know just how significantly it impacts your social life and nutrition. Choosing to address loose dentures with implants for support will help you to direct your attention elsewhere, as there’s no need to worry about your plate slipping or rocking throughout the day. Dr. Medina has been placing and restoring dental implants in Lady Lake for over a decade. Our computer guided process provides you with the most efficient and minimally-invasive solution available. Dental implants significantly enhance the strength of your bite, even if you’ve previously replaced all of your teeth with a removable denture.

Find Out if Implant Supported Dentures are Right for You!