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Replace Bulky, Uncomfortable Dentures with a Permanent Alternative

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Do dentures frustrate you? Full arch dental implants
are the answer

Find New Confidence in Full Arch Dental Implants

Do you have multiple missing teeth, need multiple teeth extracted, or are already wearing a denture? Full arch dental implants provide you with a permanent alternative to removable dentures or bridges. For over 10 years, Dr. Carlos Medina has been changing the lives of our Lady Lake patients through dental implant therapy. But many times, denture wearers assume that since they’ve already gone years with missing teeth, they aren’t a candidate for implants. Not so. Thanks to full arch dental implants you can enjoy newfound confidence and comfort right here at The Dentist.

What Are Full Arch Dental Implants?

With a full arch dental implant case, we strategically place as few as four implants to support a hybrid prosthesis that replaces all of your upper or lower missing teeth at one time. Unlike a traditional denture, these extended bridge designs feature a slimmer profile that makes them more comfortable to wear, eat, and speak with. At The Dentist, we’re able to complete your full arch dental implant treatment right here in our Lady Lake practice without referring you off-site for care.

We offer comprehensive, precise implant placement:

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What is Computer Guided Dental Implant Treatment?

Using 3D CT scanning, our treatment mapping resources allow Dr. Medina to view a digital anatomical representation of your oral structures, making the planning process much more accurate. At the time of your implant surgery, we have a custom surgical guide created (based off of your digital scan) so that each implant is strategically placed in the exact location indicated by the digital preview of your mouth. Such resources reduce the risk of error during surgery and tremendously improve your recovery afterward, due to the minimally-invasive approach to care.

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