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Difficulty Eating Because of Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants Offer a Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Losing just one tooth to an injury or gum disease can significantly alter your day to day life. Missing teeth tend to cause a chain reaction that alters the alignment of teeth throughout the mouth, permanently altering the way we do things like eat, chew, or speak. Over time, missing teeth also lead to problems such as bone loss and changes in your facial profile. Without teeth set into the jaw, bone gradually resorbs (shrinks) away, significantly changing your orofacial anatomy. Fortunately, our Lady Lake dental implants can help to stop or delay the process altogether. When set into the mouth, the body triggers a process called “osseointegration,” permanently fusing your dental implants in place almost as if you have entirely new teeth.

The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, dental implants offer the most lifelike and long-lasting solution. Each artificial tooth root is a biocompatible restoration set into the jaw, triggering bone development and support of the surrounding teeth. Dr. Carlos Medina has been placing and restoring implants for over a decade, making The Dentist your source for comprehensive implant therapy in Lady Lake. With your permanent implants, you’ll be able to have greater biting and chewing capabilities to maintain a balanced, nutritional diet. Biting into a crisp apple or juicy steak won’t budge your implants one bit.

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Side Effects of Missing Teeth

How Dental Implants Work

When you have a tooth extracted or want to replace your removable denture, Dr. Medina uses computer guided implant strategies to place artificial roots (dental implants) into your bone in a minimally invasive manner. Once integrated with your body, implants can support anything from a single porcelain crown to full arch dental implants. Even a removable denture can be stabilized and supported by as few as 2-4 implants!

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