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Dental Implant FAQs

At The Dentist, we receive a lot of questions about what’s involved in getting implants in Lady Lake. We’ve compiled these dental implant FAQ for your convenience, so that you can have most of the basic information available before your initial consultation.

If you have multiple missing teeth or an entire arch you might not necessarily need a dental implant for each missing tooth. We can use pairs or sets of implants to support multi-tooth or full-arch restorations. During your exam, Dr. Medina will be able to provide you with an estimate as to how many are appropriate for your situation.
We want to help you preserve any healthy natural teeth for as long as possible. However, if your teeth are non-restorable and need to be extracted, dental implants offer the best and most effective form of treatment for missing teeth.
A full arch implant restoration is a multi-tooth, extended bridge that replaces all of the upper or lower teeth at one time. In most cases it’s supported by as few as four implants.
Overdentures are dentures that snap onto 2-4 dental implants for stabilization and security throughout the day. They’re removed at night like traditional plates.

Getting a dental implant is more comfortable than you think! Using local anesthetic, Dr. Medina can place implants with little to practically no discomfort or pain (there are no nerve endings in the bone!).

The cost of your dental implants will depend on several factors, such as: how many implants you need, the type of implant restoration you’ve chosen, if you need a bone graft or sinus lift, and what your insurance covers.

When properly cared for, dental implants are made to last for life.

Yes. Infections like peri-implantitis (the implant form of gum disease) can cause your implants to fail. It’s important that you continue making regular checkups every six months.

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