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Every Dental Implant Case is Unique

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What determines the cost of dental implants?

What Determines Dental Implant Cost?

There are a number of things to consider when planning your budget for upcoming implant treatment. At The Dentist, every implant case that we treat is unique. From the number of missing teeth that need to be replaced to the long-term goals of our individual patients, we map out a customized plan that includes everything from dental implant cost to the restorative preferences of their choosing. Yet, the final fees tend to fluctuate, which is why we suggest an initial consultation before settling on one particular procedure.

Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Carlos Medina has over a decade of experience providing comprehensive dental implant therapy. As such, we’re able to complete your entire treatment right here in our Lady Lake practice, preventing the need to refer you to specialists across town. What’s more, we have worked with hundreds of patients to plan and execute their dental implant procedures, so we are skilled at recognizing when any preparatory procedures are necessary.

When determining your final dental implant cost, we take a number of things into consideration:

  • The Number of Implants You Need:
    How many missing teeth you have can affect dental implant cost, due to the number of dental implants required. But keep in mind, as few as 2-4 implants are capable of supporting a full arch prosthesis.
  • Type of Implant Restoration Chosen:
    A significant factor in your dental implant cost is the type of permanent restoration attached on top of the implants. For example, multiple porcelain crowns may be more expensive than an extended bridge.
  • Supportive Therapies Necessary:
    If you require tooth extractions, bone grafting, or other dental treatment, those procedures will impact overall dental implant cost.
  • Gum Disease or Infection:
    Before placing your implants, we want to ensure your mouth is free of any infection, especially gum disease. Your risk for complications soon after placement, or even down the road, are increased if the foundation is compromised in any way.

Predictable Results, Successful Outcomes

Dr. Medina utilizes modern computer-guided placement techniques for more accurate surgery and efficient treatment, speeding up your recovery with this revolutionary, minimally-invasive resource. In addition, Dr. Medina is proud to provide all aspects of implant care in our office, from placement to restoration. This means your treatment is streamlined and the same clinician is overseeing your smile transformation. This saves you time, money and provides a better treatment outcome.

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