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From Diagnosis to Placement: Custom Dental Crowns in One Visit

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What is CEREC and why is it more accurate
and convenient for patients?

Same Day CEREC Crowns

Traditional dental crowns take at least two appointments to complete. But at The Dentist, we use advanced technology to provide same-day CEREC crowns in restorative and cosmetic dentistry cases. CEREC uses CAD/CAM 3D scanning and imaging resources to take highly accurate digital impressions of your tooth, allowing us to carve an extremely accurate, ceramic restoration from a solid block of matching porcelain. As such, Dr. Medina is able to complete your treatment in one appointment at our Lady Lake practice, instead of making you wait two weeks between visits.

Beautiful Results

Each restoration is precisely fitted and matched to the color of your smile, enhancing aesthetics as well as the integrity of your bite. Whether you’re getting CEREC crowns for restorative or cosmetic dentistry needs, they serve a dual purpose. Because each CEREC crown is made from a solid block of ceramic, there are no underlying metals that risk being visible after being placed on your tooth. That means no grey lines or dark shadows along your gums. Instead, you’ll have a consistent tooth-colored restoration that blends seamlessly with your smile.

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When is a Crown Necessary?

The Visible Difference

Choosing a solid ceramic CEREC crown means you’ll have efficient treatment that’s tailored to your unique oral anatomy without involving an off-site third party lab. Dr. Medina specifically matches your crown so that it isn’t noticeable when you’re smiling and talking to friends. During your exam, we’ll discuss whether your tooth needs a full coverage crown or if another cosmetic dentistry option such as a veneer is more appropriate. Each service offered at The Dentist is specifically curated to the individual needs and concerns of the patients that we treat.

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