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Advanced Dental Technology Improves Your Treatment and Patient Experience

Advanced Dental Technology at The Dentist

Our Lady Lake practice has invested in the most advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art resources for our patients. By incorporating innovative methods and techniques, Dr. Medina is able to provide comprehensive treatments in one central location, eliminating the need to refer you or your family off-site for treatments like dental implants and other essential services.

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3D CBCT Imaging

Digital 3D scanning with our CBCT equipment allows us to recreate a virtual model of your oral anatomy, which is essential to treatments involving traditional or zygoma dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, and full arch restorations. Having a conebeam scan is almost like having a full mouth panoramic X-ray taken. Today’s advanced dental technology makes digital treatment planning and treatments more efficient and accurate than ever before. In fact, with services like dental implants we’re able to digitally map where each restoration will be placed and create a surgical guide for minimally-invasive surgery on the date you receive your implants.

Intraoral Cameras and Digital X-rays

Thanks to digital imaging and low-radiation digital x-rays, you can see everything that Dr. Medina does. Advanced dental technology makes it easier to jointly plan your treatment as you assess findings side-by-side during your exam, and helps us to better diagnose conditions and treat them.

Why do I Need Digital X-Rays?

CEREC® Same Day Crowns

Using advanced dental technology like CAD/CAM allows us to take digital impressions and create same day, custom milled dental crowns in just one appointment. Same day CEREC crowns save you time and offer a precise fit that blends in beautifully with your smile. Choosing to use advanced dental technology means we’re able to provide the very best care for our patients. From minimally invasive tooth replacement alternatives to more efficient, one visit restorative treatments, we hold the health and future of your smile at the forefront of everything that we do. Continuing to invest in how we deliver those services only helps to enhance the way we provide for you and your family’s oral health needs!

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