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Additional Dental Services Offered at The Dentist

Looking for Additional Dental Services?

Dr. Carlos Medina provides comprehensive, patient-driven care in one convenient location. From routine restorative dentistry to complex implant therapy, our additional dental services provide you with some of the best oral health care in Lady Lake, FL. During your next exam, we’ll help you determine which treatments are necessary and if alternative options are available. Because we provide many additional dental services, we offer more flexibility when it comes to caring for the future of your smile.

Oral sedation easily helps you relax throughout any dental procedure, calming your anxiety and allowing us to work more efficiently.

Brighten your smile with ZOOM! or Opalescence professional teeth whitening treatments. This additional dental service is a perfect, stand-alone smile makeover.

When a tooth is too damaged for a filling but doesn’t quite need a full coverage crown, inlays and onlays offer the perfect alternative.

One of our additional dental services includes tooth colored, minimally invasive dental fillings.

The way your teeth bite together can affect the integrity of your smile and impact the chance of headaches or TMJ disorder.

Oral cancer can affect everyone from healthy individuals with no risk factors, to people exposed to tobacco products, alcohol, and certain viruses.

Regular preventive care is one of the most important additional dental services we offer. Schedule a cleaning and exam every six months!

Bruxism can lead to broken, worn down teeth and restorations. Ask us about a custom bite splint or night guard.

A traditional or implant supported denture is an affordable option for replacing all of your teeth at one time.

Uneven gumlines can detract from a beautiful smile. Removing excess tissues is an additional dental service that is helpful in cosmetic dentistry cases.

Tight skin between the lips and teeth or at the floor of the mouth under the tongue can cause receding gumlines, speech difficulties, or even problems with nursing in infants.

Same day emergency dental care is available at our Lady Lake dentist practice.

Enhance your appearance for the perfect frame around your latest smile makeover. Injectables and dermal fillers are some of the additional dental services we offer.

Chronic popping, clicking, jaw pain, and headaches are all common symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Avoid extracting an abscessed tooth by treating the infected nerve chamber inside.

Excessive gum recession leaves roots exposed, posing sensitivity and aesthetic problems. A graft re-covers the area, restoring the gumlines back to proper levels.

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