Zygomatic Implants

Understanding Zygomatic Implants

Are you interested in receiving dental implants but have been told by your dentist that you wouldn’t be a good candidate based on the lack of bone density that you’ve lost over the years? If this is the case, then there might be a solution to your problem in the form of implants. Although recently implemented in the United States in 1998, zygomatic implants haven’t been around in Europe since 1988. This type of dental implant method is usually implemented as a last resort and is reserved for patients that have severe bone loss in their upper jaw and in some places is used as an alternative to bone grafting. 

What is a Zygomatic Implant it

Zygomatic implants are like your standard dental implants but the major difference between the two is the Zygomatic implants are much larger in size compared to a regular dental implant. The reason for this is a zygomatic implant is not only anchored within the jaw, but it’s also anchored within the upper cheekbone close to the zygoma bone. This placement location is so your implants can have a more secure fit and a better sense of stability anchored in the upper jaw as opposed to the shallower anchor presented in a standard dental implant. The procedure is usually performed by an oral maxillofacial surgeon, if not placed correctly a zygomatic implant may end up harming the recipient. However, due to a dental professional policing the implant process, this treatment has a current success rate of 92% and raising.

The benefits of this type of Implant

Since there is no need for bone grafting the zygomatic implant process takes a substantially less amount of time to heal, allowing you to start enjoying your new set of teeth as soon as possible. Additional benefits of this treatment include: 

  • Long – term satisfaction 
  • Immediate function and well-balanced support
  • Replacement of a full upper arch

For more information

If you have a substantial amount of lost bone density and are still interested in receiving dental implants we invite you to visit one of our offices located in Lady Lake, FL and DeLand,FL to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr.Medina. For more information on other dental services that we offer visit us at www.cometothedentist.com.

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