Dental Implant Cost

The Three Factors Affecting Dental Implant Cost

Receiving dental implants is a significantly common dental treatment that has helped numerous individuals by offering solutions to their teeth replacement issues. This is a permanent answer for missing teeth and offers more than one reason as to why it is such a heavily requested procedure. A lot of people love the stability and security that come with this specific treatment. There are a lot of people that are interested in this treatment, but delay moving forward with the treatment because of common misconceptions about the cost of dental implants. Talking with a dental professional like Dr. Carlos Medina and the team at The Dentist is the right first step towards better understanding this extraordinary dental procedure.

 Three Factors to be aware of:

There are three primary factors that affect the cost of dental implants. These are:

  • The materials used to create the crown portion of the implant
  • The number of implants placed in the patient’s mouth
  • Insurance coverage for the procedure

Protection inclusion for the method

Most of the time, high-quality dental grade porcelain is utilized in the creation of your crowns. The remainder of the implant is covered up; the titanium post is set safely within your jaw. The area where the crown and post interface is covered up inside by your new tooth. This straightforward framework is the reason dental implants are so stable and secure.

A patient’s insurance and the number of implants that need to placed can influence the procedure’s cost somewhat. Some dental plans spread the cost while different plans won’t. You can talk to a customer service representative with your dental insurance carrier to become more familiar with the technical aspects of your plan’s coverages. Our office staff can also provide some extra information about the procedure, including which plans we acknowledge.

Schedule Your First Appointment

Dental implants are not ideal for everyone. To find out if dental implants are right for you, your initial step should be to set up a meeting with Dr. Medina. Contact our offices located in Lady Lake or DeLand, Florida to schedule your appointment with Dr. Medina.

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