Choose Your Perfect Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Choose Your Perfect Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Cosmetic dentistry is a common choice for patients who want to improve their appearance and gain confidence. There are many different procedures to choose from, so making a decision could be daunting. Dr. Medina and his team at The Dentist have many different options for you and can help you make the right decision!

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures and you aren’t quite sure of all of your options and what they entail, here is a quick run-down of some of the offerings provided by The Dentist.

Invisalign: Clear braces have been all the rage for teens and young adults. Traditional braces are not for everyone, and Invisalign provides an option for those who want straight teeth in an inconspicuous manner. Clear aligners are used in a step by step process that straightens your teeth over time. Your dentist will take molds of your teeth, and have aligners created that slowly shift your teeth into the perfect position. 

Smile Makeover: If you have ever felt the need to smile with your mouth closed or cover your mouth when you speak, a smile makeover is just what you need. Dr. Medina and his team have many services that can correct slight imperfections and completely transform the way you see your smile. Their smile makeover procedures are provided same day, so you will have a new smile to show off in no time.

Crowns: Crowns are a cap for your tooth, that provide a flush look to your mouth, more than a filling could. Crowns cover teeth that have been cracked, allowing for a safe way to keep your oral hygiene up to par. The reason crowns are so important is because they keep your teeth from decaying, allowing your smile to stay bright and beautiful!

Porcelain Veneers: Veneers offer the option for people who have chipped teeth, or slight ridges and imperfections on the surface. Like a crown, their job is to cover the tooth, but in a more slight manner. Veneers are covers for the front of your teeth, that will give you a perfect natural smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is available in many options that allow for perfect solutions for anyone. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to choose what cosmetic procedure will be the fit for your lifestyle.

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