Will It Hurt to Have Dental Implants Put In

Will It Hurt to Have Dental Implants Put In?

Even the least creative among us can conjure up nightmarish thoughts about what it feels like to have dental implants installed in the jawbone, in place of the natural teeth once rooted there. Turns out, it only takes a small amount of anesthesia to ensure that you won’t know what it feels like to have your implants placed. During your procedure, you won’t feel anything at the implant site and you won’t feel much there until well after your implants have been placed.

Let’s a take a look at what, if any, amount of discomfort you can expect to have during and after your procedure for having your dental implants placed.

What You’ll Feel During the Procedure

During the procedure, you might only feel a needle prick from a syringe before the local anesthesia kicks in and numbs the implant site. So while your dentist meticulously drills holes for the dental implant’s titanium posts to insert into, you won’t feel a thing. And thanks to efficient and highly successful implanting placement software, imaging and modeling software to help guide your dentist, you can get your implants placed quickly and in a single appointment.

What You’ll Feel After the Procedure

After the procedure, you likely won’t feel much or anything at all at the implant site until the anesthesia wears off. And once it does wear off, most people only need a standard pain killer such as ibuprofen every six to eight hours.

After you transition from the anesthesia to the off-the-shelf pain killers, you might experience a bit of tenderness at the implant site. You can expect swelling for the next two or three days, and then any remaining discomfort should subside. It’ll take at least four months for your dental implants to fuse with your jawbone and heal, but the initial discomfort shouldn’t return during or after healing.

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Find out more about what you can expect from getting dental implants in Lady Lake, FL and surrounding communities. Click here to schedule a consultation with a local dentist.

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