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Will Wearing Invisalign Retainers Only at Night Still Work?

Invisible aligners make it less obvious that you’re working to straighten your teeth. But even though Invisalign™ invisible aligners are clear and are hard to notice, they aren’t completely invisible. And with them being capable of being removed and replaced by the wearer, on the fly too, questions emerge: Can I wear Invisalign at night only? Is this a thing people do? Should it be?

What Makes Invisalign Work So Well

What makes Invisalign work so well is that so many people are more comfortable wearing them than conventional braces and the aligner trays can be removed anytime the wearer wants to do so. People hesitant to wear traditional braces are often more open to wearing invisible aligners.

Often times, Invisalign doesn’t straighten teeth as fast as traditional metal braces would. The reason: There’s always the temptation to take them out for a bit and all of those bits of time, here and there, add up.

Yes, You Can Wear Them at Night Only. But You Probably Shouldn’t.
Orthodontists typically recommend you wear Invisalign at least 20 hours out of every day, four hours less than you’d be wearing traditional braces daily. Wearing your invisible aligners at night only can halve the daily treatment time you receive, possibly a lot more. So, a treatment plan that you were projected to complete in a year has now ballooned to two years, possibly a lot more.

Find Out More About What Your Life Will Be Like with Invisalign
Still not feeling confident about wearing invisible aligners in public, at work, in front of friends you don’t know that well? Take time to check out Invisalign in person to see just how discrete they are. Get answers for more of your questions, check out renderings of what you’ll look like after treatment and find out your next steps for getting your custom invisible aligners made.

Talk to a local dentist about Invisalign in Deland FL. Click here to schedule an appointment for a consultation. 

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